WoodWaiter Firewood Lift

If you dislike carrying firewood up from the basement and through the house and hate cleaning up wood chips afterwards, the residential firewood lift WoodWaiter is the ideal solution for you!

With it's rugged construction, simple installation and built-in safety features, the WoodWaiter is an efficient firewood elevator for moving firewood from the basement to floor level.

  • Moves firewood, groceries or other inanimate objects from basement to floor level
  • Runs quietly
  • Is built rock solid to handle standard 16'' or 24'' wood
  • Is labour saving
  • Is key operated and relay controlled
  • Is locked securely when the key is removed
  • Can be set at any convenient loading height
  • Can be installed in any house with sufficient clearance
  • Has a built-in circuit breaker that will automatically stop the unit if overloaded or jammed
  • Can be installed simply by the home handyman or handywoman
  • No special tools required to install
  • Is shipped tested and assembled
  • The 4 sides of the wood box could be made out of sheet metal for lifting pellets or other loose materials
  • The residential dumbwaiter WoodWaiter hangs from floor joists and is not attached to the basement floor
  • CSA approved in Canada and United States
  • Guaranteed for 5 years

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Models and layouts

WoodWaiter Firewood Lift Installation

Preparing for the WoodWaiter

(Please refer to the shop drawings for additional details)

Models 100, 120, 140 require a finished floor opening 22” wide by 20” deep

Models 102, 122, 142 require a finished floor opening 22” wide by 28” deep

Models 103, 123, 143 require a finished floor opening 30” wide by 20” deep

Models 104, 124, 144 require a finished floor opening 30” wide by 28” deep


  1. Remove the nuts & lockwashers from the top frame and remove the top frame from the top of the WoodWaiter.
  2. Attach the top frame in the floor opening with lagscrews or concrete anchors using the 8 pre-drilled holes.  The top frame should be mounted in the floor opening 1 ¾ inches below the floor surface.
  3. Next reattach the WoodWaiter to the secured top frame.  The PVC motor covers should never come into contact with the basement floor.
  4. Connect the 120v power (a dedicated 15 amp breaker is recommended) and optional additional key control (to operate the WoodWaiter from upstairs) and your installation is complete.


To start the WoodWaiter place the toggle switch in the desired direction of travel and insert the key (keys are shipped in the electrical junction box) Turn & hold the key to operate.  The WoodWaiter basket will stop automatically once it reaches its travel limit in either direction.



The only maintenance required is a few drops of oil placed on the very top of each lift screw annually. Please note that there is a reset button on the end of the electrical box at the bottom of the unit that will trip if the 200 lbs capacity is surpassed or the basket is jammed.

WoodWaiter FireWood Lift Plans & Prices

Maximum travel
Short model -- 4-1⁄'4' (10x series recommended for a floor to floor elevation 5-7')
Long model -- 6-1⁄'2' (12x series recommended for a floor to floor elevation 7-10')
Extra long model -- 8' (14x series recommended for a floor to floor elevation 10-12')

Travelling time for full distance
Short model -- 22 sec.
Long model -- 32 sec.
Extra long model -- 40 sec.

Maximum lift capacity
200 lbs

Powered by a 1/3 HP motor with a 7 amp. circuit breaker 120v AC.

Wrought Iron framed basket ( standard height 20 inches ) with expanded metal sides.

Extra key control switch installed in a surface mount box (permits operation from either location) $75.00
Roll out cart $495.00

designed for 16” wood , floor to floor height [ 5’to 7’], basket size 18"x 18" $2669.00
designed for 24” wood , floor to floor height [ 5’to 7’], basket size 18w"x 24" $2904.00
designed for 16” wood , floor to floor height [ 5’to 7’], basket size 26w:"x 18" $3025.00$
designed for 24” wood , floor to floor height [ 5’to 7’], basket size 26"x 26" $3344.00
designed for 16” wood , floor to floor height [ 7’to 10’], basket size 18"x 18" $3245.00
designed for 24” wood , floor to floor height [ 7’to 10’], basket size 18w"x 26" $3344.00
designed for 16” wood , floor to floor height [ 7’to 10’], basket size 26w"x 18" $3465.00
designed for 24” wood , floor to floor height [ 7’to 10’], basket size 26"x 26" $3773.00
designed for 16” wood , floor to floor height [10’to 12’], basket size 18"x 18" $3817.00
designed for 24” wood , floor to floor height [10’to 12’], basket size 18w"x 26" $4059.00
designed for 16” wood , floor to floor height [10’to 12’], basket size 26w"x 18" $4174.00
designed for 24” wood , floor to floor height [10’to 12’], basket size 26"x 26" $4477.00

All models have a key operated control and use standard 120v electricity, 7amp maximum.

The basket travel for the low ceiling model is 4 feet, 3 inches. The basket travel for the medium ceiling (modern, standard house) is 6 feet, 6 inches. The basket travel for the high ceiling is 8 feet. The thickness of the ceiling/floor joists must be included in the basket travel distance. All baskets have 20” high sides unless otherwise specified.

The WOODWAITER has C.S.A. approval. 

BRUCE FOWLER INDUSTRIES warranties the WOODWAITER for a period of 5 (five) years from the original date of purchase against factory defects in material which prove to have faulted in normal use.

 Installation instructions are available upon request.

Prices include duties and paperwork.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Shipping costs are extra   


1How do I decide which model I need ?
There are two basic criteria: the length needed & the size of the basket. The WoodWaiter comes in short, medium and long travel lengths. (Series 100, 120 & 140) The short model has a basket travel distance of 4.25 feet; the medium model 6.5 feet; and the long model 8 feet. The unit hangs from the upper floor joists or, in some cases from a raised hearth. This permits the floor of the car to stop flush with the floor or the raised hearth. The unit never goes all the way to the basement floor. Please refer to our home page picture or the picture gallery. By using the following calculation you can choose which model will give you the most comfortable loading height. The critical measurement is the distance from where you want the floor of the basket to stop at its uppermost level down to the basement floor. If you subtract the basket travel distance (4 1/4, 6 1/2 or 8) from this measurement, you will have the lowest loading height possible at the lower level. As the movement of the basket is key operated for safety reasons you can always stop the basket above this point by simply releasing the spring returned key switch. The size of the basket depends on what size articles that you want to move and-or how much room that you have available.
2How much preparation is required? Can I do it myself ?
Fowler Industries provides detailed measurements to properly size the framed opening. We also provide plans to build different styles of pop up safety doors. The WoodWaiter is designed that it will automatically lift its door and when the basket is lowered it will close itself. Please take a look at our photo gallery. As with many installation jobs, this is much easier to accomplish with two people. This is basically when it comes time to heft the unit into place. The largest unit is just less than 175 lbs! Please refer to the .pdf drawings available on our web site.
3 I cannot install the WoodWaiter near my fireplace or woodstove so it does not make sense to install one, right ?
This is not an impediment! At least not for any of the basket sizes except for the 18” X 18”. For all the other basket sizes we now make an optional inner basket that will roll out on the upper level only. It is made in the same style as the attached basket and has neoprene, non marking wheels. Please take a look at our photo gallery.
4How much does it weigh ?
It depends on the models. It varies from 100 to 175 lbs.
5The load shifted and my WoodWaiter stopped and won’t start up again. What do I do ?
There is a standard electrical junction box at the base of the unit. At the end of the box is a reset button. Press this button and everything should be back to normal. The WoodWaiter incorporates this safety feature to prevent accidents from occurring if, for example a branch sticks out of the perimeter of the basket and jams. If you are just setting up the unit and attempting to run it via an extension cord it may shut itself down – the unit must be hardwired.
6I am setting up my WoodWaiter and the key is missing.
It is inside of the electrical box at the base of the unit.
7I would need to load from one direction in the basement and from the opposite direction upstairs – is this problem ?
No. We will make a basket that is open, both front and back, with a reinforcing bar at the top for no extra charge.
8I have a pellet stove, not a wood stove. Can you adapt the basket for this ?
We can make a solid metal sided basket.
9How long does it take for the basket to go all the way up (or down) ?
From 22 seconds to 40 seconds depending on the length of travel
10Your measurements don't quite fit my situation.
Please call and explain your situation to us. We are very willing to customize for different situations. Please contact us for customization information.
11Do I have to go downstairs to move the WoodWaiter ?
The WoodWaiter comes with a control switch welded onto the base of the unit. You load the wood into the basket, select the direction and turn the key until the basket gets to the upper level. If your installation is such that you do not want to lower the basket until you go back downstairs to load it again then our standard package is sufficient. If you wish to unload the wood immediately and lower the basket out of sight, we sell an optional key control switch that will permit you to lower the basket from the upper level also.
12I would like to install the WoodWaiter outdoors. Is this possible ?
The unit must be protected from the elements (rain and/or snow) and common sense must be used during extreme conditions. The only other comment would be that it might be appropriate to lubricate the unit more than one that is installed indoors.
13Is this a high maintenance unit ?
The only maintenance is drop of oil at the top of each screw once a season.
14What is the guarantee ?
The unit is guaranteed for a period of five years from the date of purchase. This does not cover improper installation or use.
15How long has your company been making the WoodWaiter ?
The first WoodWaiter was installed in the Fowler home in 1983. It has undergone modifications but is still trucking wood the same way!
16What is the lead time ?
The units are built as the orders are received. The time can vary from 2 to 3 weeks to 6 to 7 in busy times. You must also take into consideration the time required to ship the unit to you.
17Where are they made ?
They are made, tested and shipped all over North America from our shop in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada.
18Where are the dealers ?
Although this may change, at the present time all our units are shipped factory-direct from our shop.
19I would like a longer travel basket.
We cannot build a unit with a basket travel distance longer than 8 feet and still be proud of our product. We do make the HandyWaiter, a unit than can have a travel distance of up to forty feet and stop at four levels. Please refer to the HandyWaiter section.
20What are the electrical requirements ?
Hardwire to a separate 15 amp circuit breaker.
21Does it work manually if the power goes out ?
No, but with its low electrical requirements it would not put a strain on any home generators
22How can it be safe to have a hole in the floor ? We have small children.
The basket of the WoodWaiter is designed to automatically open and close a trap door so that there is never, really, a hole in the floor. The unit only works when the key is inserted and turned. There are examples of proposed doors in the photo gallery section but all construction must be in accordance with your local building bylaws.
23What can I use it for ?
You can use it to move anything inanimate. This is NOT an elevator. It is NOT to be used for transporting people or pets.
24How much wood can the WoodWaiter lift ?
It can lift 200 lbs of anything inanimate.
25What size motor does it have ?
1/3 horse power, American made Marathon
26I already have a shaft. Can I install it in there ?
The chances are good, but you had better call us so that we can be sure which unit would fit your existing shaft.
27Can it come up into hearth ? A wood box ? A cabinet ?
Yes. Be careful to include these distances in your calculations so as to be sure to choose the model with sufficient travel distance. Please check out our picture gallery.

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  • Kelvin L.
    Many thanks to your WoodWaiter. It looks amazing and works amazing well. So happy with the product and everyone comments on it when the walk in the door. So thank you for your workmanship and excellent customer service.
    Kelvin L.