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WB Fowler Industries provides home and business with customized conveying systems, wood lifts, and electric dumbwaiters. Our products are built rock solid, efficient and safe.  Everything we build features an easy installation with a 5 year guarantee. The WoodWaiter and HandyWaiter are mini elevator dumbwaiters for the vertical lift of firewood, groceries, food and other supplies.

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It all started when Bruce opened the doors of WB Fowler Industries to engage in specialized machining in 1959. Over the years the business evolved into many avenues.
In 1983, Bruce grew tired of carrying firewood up the stairs of their 150 year old century home.  Determined to find a solution, an electric firewood lift eventually called the WoodWaiter was the result. Thanks to this marvel, all it took was to load the basket, turn a key and voila, the firewood appeared at the floor above. No mess, no fuss!  The demand and interest created by this mini firewood elevator changed the vision and orientation of this enterprise.  In the best example of good timing their son was born the same year, so all the necessary family friendly safety features have been there from the start. People now use the WoodWaiter for firewood, groceries, luggage, home offices and more…

In 1997, in response to popular demand, the HandyWaiter was developed which can reach up to 4 floors.

This dumbwaiter elevator, the HandyWaiter, can travel 40' and can stop at up to four different levels. As with the WoodWaiter firewood lift, the HandyWaiter can be used for a multitude of purposes: to cart food and supplies as a commercial dumbwaiter in restaurants,  groceries from the garage to the kitchen above, books or files in businesses, linens and such in Bed & Breakfasts; toast and tea, and better yet, champagne and caviar to the master suite and much more...

At present, both the WoodWaiter and the HandyWaiter are shipped all over North America. With our goal to simplify lifestyles, we can offer options for our lifts. By far, the most popular being the roll out cart. And even with these changes, our origins are not forgotten as we continue with research and development on demand as well as specialized machining and welding.  This also includes reconstruction of antique car and motorcycle parts.

In their spare time Diane & Bruce take care of their fledgling vineyard; their sugar bush where they make their own all-natural maple syrup, have built an airplane and help friends get their vintage vehicles shipshape. They are very active in the community and have friends all over North America.

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