New website

Our family enterprise has passed on the torch to the second generation and we have developed a more modern website to showcase our Woodwaiter and Handywaiter dumbwaiter products.

The new website contains pages dedicated to our WoodWaiter and HandyWaiter products as well as a page dedicated to give you insight into the team that brings you these products. There is also a page to illustrate other custom ordered metal creations that have been designed and created by the WB Fowler Industries team. Some of these items are custom art deco rolling firewood baskets, aluminum staircases or a BBQ~Smoker trailer.

With our almost 40 years of dumbwaiter production experience, we have developed a website based project questionnaire for potential clients to fill out that allows us to pinpoint which product will best suit their requirements. We can then quickly provide a detailed price quote and project specific drawings.

All text has been translated in both English and French the photos have been updated to maximize the visual impact. The grey background of our text was chosen to represent the primary texture of steel before it is crafted into our fine products.