Custom projects

Here at WB Fowler Industries we thrive on the creative process of molding raw metal and components into functioning machines and as such are willing to take on the challenge to design and build custom projects. Sometimes these customer requested projects turn into products, such as our SolaRiser gate.

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Here are a list of custom projects we have recently completed:

Mobile smoker BBQ

In late 2016 we were contacted with a project to build a portable commercial smoker BBQ to accommodate cooking for events such as weddings and conferences. Our client had done his research and was unable to find exactly what he wanted so he asked us to quote on it. We researched online forums for cooking techniques and designed what we thought would give the best cooking results. The smoker has a large double walled firebox capable of accepting 24" logs. The 30" diameter x 4' wide chamber has a tuning plate with graduating holes to balance the heat and smoke throughout the chamber from the firebox. The BBQ section consists of 4 individual charcoal baskets, each with an independent and controllable air supply. Baskets can be individually lit to accommodate the amount of food to be cooked. The cooking surfaces are 1/4" round stainless steel. The robust trailer uses a torsion arm suspension system which allows the smoker to float down the road. We built this smoker BBQ over the winter and since taking possession in spring 2017, the client has catered many events and is extremely satisfied with the unique mobile smoker. The client is even thinking of participating in one of the many BBQ smoking competitions in the local area once he is a more experienced operator!

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Beach Access Staircase

In spring 2017 we were approached to replace an old wooden structure with a more modern aluminum replacement. The stairs consist of two platforms and two stair sections that traverse a 20 foot drop from back yard to water's edge. The project took about a week to build in the shop and all sections bolt together. The 1st platform has an inlay of treated pine to transition between the lawn surrounded by woods and the rest of the aluminum structure. The completed project adds a new sparkle to the shoreline!

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