Contractors and Professionals

We at WB Fowler Industries appreciate our repeat customers. As we have been manufacturing dumbwaiters for 35 years, there are many contractors across North America we have enjoyed long term relationships with. One common comment that we hear from our repeat customers is that they like our multi-purpose electrical dumbwaiters in particular because the installations are always so simple. Especially with the firewood elevator  WoodWaiter, once the hole is framed in the floor joists the entire installation takes about an hour as the WoodWaiter does not touch the floor or walls in the basement. The HandyWaiter, our dumbwaiter elevator, is a bit more entailed as it requires a shaft be constructed around it but as long as 3/4" plywood lines the track side of the shaft underneath the finishing drywall, the installation should take no longer than 6-8 hours. Another comment we often receive is that contractors recognize and appreciate the quality that we build into every product. All major components of every product we manufacture are North American sourced and thoroughly tested to last.

Our simple repeat customer policy is as follows, your first dumbwaiter or gate purchase is at regular price and every consecutive purchase thereafter will be eligible for a discount. Please feel free to call and discuss details today!

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