The Wood Porter is a purpose built wood transporter.  As we have been building WoodWaiters which have transported wood for our clients from one floor to another for over 25 years, we have had occasional requests for a method of moving the wood from the wood pile to the WoodWaiter at the lower level.  These requests spurred our design & prototyping team to build the first WoodPorters.

The WoodPorter is built from one solid length of 3/4” tubing which is jig-bent into a solid and trouble free frame.  The curvy WoodPorter design features the lack of any sharp points in the WoodPorter’s shape and allows it to blend into most interior de´cor.  The Wood Porter’s wheels are 6 inches in diameter and have solid reliable rubber tires, steel hubs and run on ball bearings.  Another great feature of the WoodPorter is the design of nylon coated stair sliders which allow the WoodPorter to be easily moved up and down stairs under load, without damaging the step surface.

A thick coat of black gloss paint is applied to the WoodPorter as standard but we are more than willing to paint other colors upon our client’s request.

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Roll Out Cart

We now offer a cart which will be able to roll out on any level of a WoodWaiter or HandyWaiter when the original basket stops at floor height. On a standard WoodWaiter, the basket will be able to roll out on the upper floor only, allowing the user to leave the roll out basket near the fireplace or stove until it is emptied, then simply rolled back into the WoodWaiter and sent downstairs for a refill. The roll out basket can be used for other purposes such as moving around boxes of paper in a home office or large bags of dog food or any other heavy household products. On a HandyWaiter, if the motor is specified to be mounted at the top, this allows the basket to stop at floor height at each level of the building. This means the cart will be able to roll out at each floor.

Our roll out cart is built exactly the same way the standard WoodWaiter or HandyWaiter basket it built, with a ½ inch solid steel frame and expanded metal sides. The wheels are very special on the roll out cart, made from a very supple form of synthetic rubber called neoprene, are guaranteed not to mark any type of floor surface. We can offer the roll out cart to our clients as an option at the time of ordering a new lift or as a retrofit to an existing lift. The retail price of a roll out cart is $495.

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